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Michael is an American teenager who follows against his will his mother to France. In Louisiana, Michael practices football and canoes the bayous where he spies on alligator hunters. But he is also cynical about his Acadien heritage and his role as the eldest son.


This is much to the sorrow of his mother, Hélène, who raised him and his younger brother and sister in the Catholic faith… even as their father forbade prayer at home.


One day, Michael’s Dad passes away, and administrators start harassing the family. Two lawyers promise that Michael will have control over the paternal fortune once they are finished training him. Hélène refuses and flees with the children to France.. She has not seen her country for twenty years…


From the field


"The story could awaken hundreds of thousands of families and their children to seek something that is greater than themselves as they strive to make a positive difference in the lives of others, society, the environment with God playing a key role in their personal happiness and purpose for being."

Paul Ritchi,

Founder Federation of North American Explorers 


“Daniel Rabourdin brought to us The Hidden Rebellion, a film about a pivotal time in history that was well received. Now, Daniel dedicates himself to the production of OATH, an adventure film that will honor scouting and the monastic life. We heartily encourage you to support this new production.”

+ Dominique Rey, Bishop of Fréjus-Toulon, France

Great material!"

William Gil,

Award Winning Director and Cinematographer


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