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Was there a prequel?

Producer Daniel and Actress Clementine S

“Yes. Before OATH, there was a docu-drama The Hidden Rebellion.


This production was awarded a Remi at the Houston Film Festival. EWTN TV will show it in 2020 and I tour churches to present it in person (if interested, send me an email at A wonderful Question Answers follows where the public asks questions about the historical background and the making of the film.

Are the two films connected? They are. The Hidden Rebellion describes how Christian civilisation started to be attacked 200 years ago and how a resisting people of God saved for us today the right to practice our faith.

After The Hidden Rebellion, OATH, will offer a renaissance. It present present to the youth who want a solid ideal for their life and Felicity in the eternal life a moral code of conduct, a spirit to do so and the enthusiasm that they deserve.”

Daniel Rabourdin

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LAUREL REBELLION wf-2017-blk.png


Set ten years after the American Revolution in the idyllic French countryside of the Vendee, “The Hidden Rebellion” combines insightful documentary with richly dramatic scenes of battle, resistance, and love as the storm clouds of the French Revolution gather.

At first, this peaceful region of France welcomes the French Revolution’s projects of reforms. But when the reforms are replaced by a profound change of the nation’s identity, the Vendéans start to defend their clergy, resist the higher taxes and refuse to wage ideological wars beyond the borders.

Victorious in early battles, the Vendéans are later defeated militarily. 

A powerful and important warning to the world in this time of increasing intolerance toward faith and family, “The Hidden Rebellion” tells the story of simple, faithful people who “gave up the world…for heaven.”

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