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Oath Film. Two actors and Two producers

Today, I present to you two of our major actors and producers:

Elise-Marie was not an actor. But most people who watched her said she ended up being a very good one. Listen to what she says in substance: today Christian parents have almost nothing to show their children that is be both proper and fun to watch.




Elise-Marie is one hero. She volunteered to act because she has children and understands the urgent need there is to make catholic films that the children will watch by themselves because they are just entertaining.


And that is why we are making this film for all children in the world. I think that in a few years, we will be amazed at what we have accomplished together, and we will walk together some red carpet. Please consider participating financially to this cultural mission for the hearts of the young people here


Daniel Rabourdin, Director. In New Orleans, LA

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