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Story's synopsis

In Acadiana, Max is happiest when he puts his kayak in the bayou and visits turtles or herons.

A storm is brewing at home. His mother Sophie is French. According to her marriage’s vows and choices, she raises her children in faith weaving into their lives faith and the French culture.

But her husband, Neals, has changed. He just became a doctor in psychology and is obsessed with becoming an influential mentor leading people to a happier life free of old ways. Eventually, he bans in the home any form of prayer and the French language. 

At school, Max’s friends have become like zombies addicted to their screens. Torn at home and isolated in school, Max’s beliefs in everything he cares about begin to fade.

One day, he snaps at his father to defend his mother and flees into the bayou. The waters are choppy, the alligators are lurking. Max finds a camp and uncover a voodoo mask. Suddenly, two hunters attack him but release him when they realize he is a descendant of the explorer Iberville.

They want to find Max’s grandfather (Eugene) who secured in France the upper part of the crown of the famous Our Lady of Prompt Succor in New Orleans.

To the hunters, the crown will amplify their voodoo power over the people in seducing them according to the seven deadly sins.

A week later, the hunters arrive at Max’s home under the disguise of art dealers. They scam Neals into getting Eugene’s address.

Because Eugene does not answer the phone anymore, Max is forced to rush to France to save him.

When he arrives at his grandpa’s home in France, Max finds a group of teens that Eugene has trained in survival. The hunters land too and set out in their pursuit. The teens race to the mountains in search of Eugene and the crown.

At home, Neals has been traumatized by the hunter’s scamming. He starts to drink. His psychologist career takes a wrong turn.

In France, the youth find clues. caves and ruins to access the crown. The clues are made of missing parts of the history between France and Louisiana. They also provide a code of conduct. The code trains the youth spiritually against the hunters’ voodoo.

Back at home Max’ father, follows the teen’s adventures through the videos that they publish online.  Progressively, he realizes that balance in life won’t be reached with psychology or politics but with inner discipline and connection with his Creator. He starts to send the boys the historical details that they need in their quest for the crown.

At last, the youth find Eugene in a monastery with amnesia. When Max’s friend Erwan takes his Oath to the code of honor, Eugene gets his memory back. The crown is in a crypt.

As he tries to grab the crown, Lachlan dies. Zeke is freed up from the voodoo curse with the help of a brief exorcism.

When he comes back to America, Max brings the crown to the statue of Prompt Succor. He forgives his father. Neals has started to go to Alcoholics Anonymous. Max’ give to his school friends each a scarf the French boys have made. He dares them to venture outside their houses.

Max invites the French boys to visit him in Louisiana. A new oath needs to be taken. Max’s.

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