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An idealistic film

“Every film has a concept backbone. Ours will be Christian and from a teen's way of looking at the world. Even better: it will be along a code of conduct articulated by Baden Powell. 


The last of ninth children of an English preacher, Baden Powell had only one way to flourish: through the army ranks. He became an explorer in South Africa, a secret service agent and finally a General.  In a battle, he saw idling teens while he was in a dire need of help. So, he trained them to be assistants in way of messaging, healing and observing. He was a life coach to those boys. So much so that he laid out a rule of life to become good men.

OATH will hold this code within."

​Daniel Rabourdin, producer-director

The Promise


"On my honor and with God's grace,

I promise to do my best to serve God,

the Church, and my country,

to help my neighbor at all times,

and to obey the Scout Law."

The Law

1. A Scout's Honor is to be trusted.


2. A Scout is loyal.

3. A Scout is made to serve and save his neighbor.

4. A Scout is a friend to all and a brother to every other Scout.

5. A Scout is courteous and chivalrous.

6. A Scout sees nature as God's creation; he loves plants and animals.

7. A Scout obeys proper orders and leaves nothing half-finished.

8. A Scout is thrifty, he takes good care of his own possessions and those of others.

9. A Scout controls himself: he smiles and sings under all difficulties.

10. A Scout is pure in thought, word and deed. 


“Always be faithful to your Scout Promise even when you have ceased to be a child - and God help you to do it!”


Last words of Baden-Powell's farewell letter to all scouts for all times.

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