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Why this film?


Because it is time to offer to younger generations a Christian ideal for their lives through the powerful medium of film.


Twenty-eight million scouts in the world pledged one day: “On my honor, with the Grace of God, I pledge to serve God, the church, my homeland, to help my neighbor in all circumstances and to observe the Scout Law.” OATH could be a world game changer as it will offer this ideal to millions of youth around the world.

Today, in America, parents and scout leaders are becoming aware that authentic scouting has almost vanished. Fortunately, a Catholic alternative is being built. The production of OATH has the potential to go powerfully with this renaissance.


The disappearance of discipline, an anti-hero mentality, and the use of video games have deprived teenagers (young men particularly) of the drive to become better people.


With a Catholic touch, OATH will shed light on a path of love for God’s creation through prayer and action.


At the door of a monastery, the smile that greets us is too often ignored by Hollywood. In OATH, young seminarians and nuns will show hospitality to our teen heroes. Their kindness, their sung liturgy and their farming work will subtly charm the viewers.

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OATH will be an "on the road" film. The American hero grows up in rural Louisiana, emigrates to the French Riviera and then flees to the Alps.


Oath is also a comedy as half a dozen young people from two cultures and languages will provide many opportunities for humor. 


"Beauty sequences" in Louisiana and Haute-Provence will be a feast to the eyes.


The script is presently co-written by the director as well as an American screenwriter and a French writer.


Halfway through the process, a successful screenwriter will bring the writing to a “Hollywood level”. His recognized name will be an important "card" to convince the other “cards”: studios, actors and distributors.


The process will take around 12 full months.



OATH aims to be 100% moral and 100% entertaining.


The story will be imbued with Baden Powell's original Scout Method complemented with the Catholic perspective of Father Sevin. This priest, whose process of sainthood is underway, adapted scouting to our 2000 years old heritage.


The monastery will provide an enchanting backdrop with its liturgy and agrarian life.


Spirituality ​will come up organically as part of the heroes or villains' lives. Yet, some dialogues exchanges will carry Catholic precepts and visuals will give beautiful glimpse of sacraments.

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